Supertravel Concierge

Supertravel Concierge is an exclusive opportunity to turn your travel expertise into a business, or to take your existing business to the next level.

We are looking to create new, carefully selected partnerships - and through a close collaboration, will help those partners realise their full potential. Each franchise we create is treated as an extension of our own business.

Supertravel Concierge is part of The Lotus Group, which has 40 years of industry experience and achieves an annual turnover touching £400 million. Our brands include DialAFlight, DialAFlight Corporate Travel and Supertravel Golf.

Each franchisee will be backed by our group purchasing power, will be given exclusive access to our complete range of highly competitive travel products, and our industry leading travel platform, Aztec.

Who we are

We are a customer focused sales company first, and a travel company second – and we are proud to state this because...

Our aim, with each customer is to identify exactly what they want and need, then successfully deliver a solution that works. In order to do this, you need to know how to ask the right questions, and listen carefully to the responses.

We pride ourselves on having complete focus on our customers, taking the time to get to know them and to fully understand their requirements, before using our experience and expertise to fulfil their travel needs, whether for business or leisure.

Our company is built upon long lasting relationships, if you ask our staff how long they've worked for us, an answer of '10 years' service' would be considered a new kid on the block. Ask our industry partners, and most will say our businesses have grown stronger together over the years. These long-term relationships naturally extend to our customers, many who have been booking with us for years, if not decades!

This excellent sales approach is why we are not only the Trustpilot top rated travel company for customer satisfaction in the UK – but why we also have an incredibly loyal customer base. On top of this, building our own unique systems and having admin, flight and marketing support fully in house, has helped us grow and in turn made us one of the most profitable travel companies around.

When you join us, our focus will be on you, we will mentor and work with you to help your business become highly efficient and profitable, consequently helping you to create a long lasting partnership, not only between us – but with our future mutual customers.

What we are offering

As a Supertravel Concierge franchisee, you will earn 60% of the total commission on any booking, which is paid monthly when bookings are settled in full.

For our 40% share, we will give you the full backing of the Lotus Group, which, like any proactive business, is continually evolving and growing.

Here are just a few key aspects to give you an overview of what you can expect to:

  • The Lotus Group - 40 years of commercial strength and hard won experience
  • Aztec - the booking and administration platform that will set you apart from the rest
  • Training - personalised and ongoing
  • Sales Support - access to all our expert support teams
  • The Hub - our online training platform to keep you up to date with the latest news and products
  • Marketing - support and guidance to help grow your business
  • Business Consultancy - offering advice, mentorship and business support
  • Supertravel App - a dedicated traveller App for your customers
  • Emergency Support - 24/7 support for you and your customers
  • Staff Travel - access to our incredible staff deals, FAM trips and other incentives

As our product range grows, so will yours. As Aztec continually improves, so will your productivity. And as our systems continue to support you, your business will flourish so you can meet your personal goals.

Efficient technology

We started to create Aztec over 25 years ago because we wanted a system that worked more efficiently and brought everything together in one place, unlike any of the other systems we had found.

We worked closely with our Travel Managers so the system could be tailored to them and what they were trying to achieve. By looking at all the daily tasks they were doing, especially the administration, we were able to strip away any responsibilities that weren't efficient or concentrated on the customer – and then automated them.

We then did the same for all of our other departments – including ticketing, hotels, and car hire – so all areas of our business became equally efficient, and can all talk to each other through the same centralised system.

Through Aztec you can effortlessly access all our highly competitive rates, easily handle even the most complex enquiry, and turn it into a booking, allowing you to quickly move onto the next customer. We all agreed that any time not focused on our customers was time wasted.

Automated administration

Aztec handles administration, customer and supplier communication and monitors reservations, across all product types, notifying you where your action is required – even the dreaded airline queues are automated – which in itself will be music to your ears. Aztec gives your franchise full control and enhances both yours, and your customer's experience, creating more time to do what really matters.

Our partners tell us Aztec is the best system in the industry. Some of our largest airline partners are now working in collaboration with us, to learn how our approach can help them be as efficient at selling their content, as we are.

Our ultimate goal was to create super efficiency for ourselves and our customers and we believe we achieved that, and more, with Aztec.

Maximising your margins

We have found Aztec to be the perfect platform to support our business, we continually develop it as things evolve and change in the industry and around the world. When we first introduced Aztec our sales almost doubled overnight – and with the same amazing system you and your business will become as efficient as we are. We truly believe Aztec enables good travel sales people, to become great.

Our products and commercial relationships

The range of travel products we provide is vast and varied and your franchise will have exclusive access to all the rates and fares we negotiate, many of them will be unique to us – giving you a great competitive edge.

What you sell and who you sell to will be completely up to you – the diversity of our product range will allow you to sell in any area of travel you wish. So if you prefer, you can focus your sales talents in a single specialist area, you may already have a SME portfolio to work with, or you may choose to work across all aspects of travel. Whatever you decide, Aztec will help you confidently sell, service, and support them all.

As a company The Lotus Group is very agile, we work hard to keep ahead of the competition by continually adding to and enhancing commercial deals to suit the scope of our customer's changing requirements and diverse needs.

Our support

We don't see ourselves as just another working-from-home company that gives you a laptop, a phone, a customer or two – and then sits back and lets you sink or swim.

We see ourselves as partners in your business. We are giving you access to all of our combined experience and resources in every area of our company. The reality is, it is in our interest to help you earn more – so we will do what it takes to ensure that our venture together is a success.

Our continued and full support is where you will get huge value, not just for yourself but for your customers and your staff as you start to grow.

Support for you and your people

So whether you are starting out on your own for the first time, or are highly experienced - we will provide ongoing mentorship in areas such as -

  • Setting up and running a business
  • Hiring, training and managing staff
  • Advertising and growing your customer base
  • Business development and account management
  • Customer service and dispute resolution
  • Data analytics

We also give you access to all of our highly experienced support and administration teams such as -

  • Product support teams
  • Flights, airfares and ticketing
  • Hotels and tours
  • Car hire and transfers
  • Corporate specialists
  • Accounts
  • IT Helpdesk
  • Business development
Support for your customers

We also offer direct access to our customer facing support teams, which includes -

  • In-house 24/7 emergency support
  • Corporate account management
  • Customer Care

All of our services to you are bespoke, we will work closely with you, and whatever niche you choose, to ensure that you have everything you need, this will be constantly reviewed as our collaboration grows stronger.

What we are looking for

First and foremost we are looking for a strong and lasting partnership – our business is evolving and for the right individuals, we are willing to become heavily invested.

Across our group we have the industry's brightest, most experienced, dynamic and talented professionals. Our staff are as loyal and as committed to us as we are to them - they are the driving force behind our huge success.

We are passionate about what we do and we are currently looking for Travel Professionals who match our ambitions. Supertravel Concierge is not for the 'regular travel agent' – your experience and great customer service will need to stand out.

You will preferably have an existing portfolio, a network of potential customers, or operate an independent travel business already. You will excel at creating tailor-made itineraries, or have SME customers you currently work with – if you do both, then that's great.

Taking the next step

If you feel you would be a good fit for our business, have the skills, experience and determination, plus you share our ambition, then we would love to talk to you.

We have the same approach in our business as we do to entering into any type of partnership. We treat everyone as an individual, we listen and look to find the best solution going forward.

Please book to have a quick chat with one of our consultants, we’d be delighted to learn more about you and talk about Supertravel Concierge.